I will tell you Muslims Hospitality

I want to tell the Muslims!

I will tell you Muslims Hospitality I want to tell the Muslims! Tokyo metropolitan area of ​​Halal certification restaurants election The past few years, sometimes travelers from Southeast Asia is the Islamic world is increasing rapidly, especially in the area tourist and foreign residents there are many in Tokyo, but there is little by little to provide halal food restaurant it has been increasing. In this case, the first condition that has received Halal certification from each agency, enjoy a meal in Japan with confidence Muslim travelers, to introduce a Muslim-friendly shops. [Sushi] Asakusa Sushi Ken A popular ground Asakusa to foreign tourists, that provides a sushi corresponding to the halal [Asakusa Sushi Ken]. Left out in the Senso-ji Temple area from the Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station Exit A, it is minutes walk and access preeminent along Kokusai Street. In here, from lunch to dinner, including sushi, all of the menu is a corresponding halal. Since the time at any time online booking, but also well received in foreign tourists to visit from overseas.